Discover the value of your uniqueness (what makes you great) through art. Michaell Magrutsche, a certified personal coach/artist, guides participants to discover the power of their unique expressions (Voice) instead of relying on expertise and assumptions of others. This workshop is for everyone who wants to define themselves.
  • Discover yourself through your unique expression.
  •  Acquire understanding and learn the next step(s) for creating art instead of wasting time trying.
  •  Understand the underlying functions of your expression, i.e., how does your expression engage the audience? The differences between Art, decor and ornament. 
  •  Learn why contrast is the most important function in presenting your expressions.
  •  Understanding how the world can connect with your expression.
Listen to what some of Michaell's prior students had to say:
~Alexandria Allan 
~Silke Turner
~Gail Poltorak
Workshop Details:


This four week workshop is held at Corona Del Mar Community Youth Center, 3000 Fifth Avenue, Corona Del Mar, 92625

Dates & Time:

April 7, 2018 (CYC229).
Every Saturday from 10AM – 12 Noon
May 5, 2018 (CYC228).
Every Saturday from 10AM – 12 Noon
June 2, 2018 (CYC227).
Every Saturday from 10AM – 12 Noon

This workshop is for all skill levels. Sometimes, even an art teacher can have a harder time finding their Voice than an art-novice. Since 2015, we have had 90 graduates, including all kinds of artists, professional photographers, art teachers, gallery owners, MFA graduates and art dealers. This course has been supported by LCAD, SusiQ, Huntington Beach Art Center Museum, Hugo Rivera, and Drizzle Gallery. We have received 100% positive feedback from graduates of the course.
Your defined Voice differentiates you. This is the first important connection to your audience.
Finding and verbalizing your Voice precedes everything, from your skill, medium, branding and it even defines you market. It is not a concept, it is the essence of you and how you express yourself and connect to others. The Self-Aware Artist’s creative Voice workshop is the only model providing the clearest communication between you and the world. As a side effect, this workshop brings understanding, humanity and passion back to the arts and elevates any arts-conversation to be exponentially more rewarding. 
WorkShop Outline:

1st week: Deprogramming of false and outdated ways of looking at today’s art world.

Tools for clarity and certainty are essential in a world of critiques. Judgments stop creative flow, which is essential to discover your Voice. That is why becoming a Self-Aware Artist is so essential. Understand why you chose to become an artist. Understand the Spirit of Self-Aware Artists. Discover the importance of a working artists-community. Learn the current status quo of the art business and how technology and lifestyle have altered our relationship with the arts.  Receive information about what art has become in today’s world and what art will be in the future. 

2nd week: What can your art do today. 

To reap maximum results from your creation in an over saturated world of so many different choices, it is important to stand out. You can’t create something significant if you are not happy while you are creating it. I found that more effective than an artist statement, which today very few have the time to read, is a creative Voice statement. It is about capturing your essence and exposing it in a 20 second elevator speech. What you do, why you do it and how you do it. Happiness is best achieved by finding and honing your artistic Voice. What is Voice? The happier and more passionate you feel while creating, the more significant the results. Learn the importance of Voice and your Voice’s power. We will discuss every participants’ work and have a hands-on discovery session on how to look for Voice within your own art and others’ art.  You will learn that the way to find your inner significance is through discovering your creative Voice. 

3rd week: Media & Your Voice.

How media can affect your Voice. See the result on your left – the same artist, same simple image in four different media. We experiment with various 2D & 3D mediums. We discuss the results and impact of today’s new electronic media. The Key is to find at least three common denominators that are found in all of your work, for example, your special light play, your reappearing color of kelly green and minimal form aesthetics. The Challenge is to discover these first three pillars of your Voice. This is the main reason of the Self-Aware Art workshop. The group helps assess which media is best to bring out one’s individual Voice. Learn the limitations that arise from expressing art without Voice- consciousness. What is a Voice statement? You will want to understand how these elements relate to your unique expression to be able to verbalize your creative identity. Your Voice Statement. We define and refine our artistic Voice to stay true to ourselves and be able to verbalize it. Finding the best way to bring your work with its artistic Voice to the world via Social Media, galleries and the web. 

4th week: Your Voice Statement. 

Having awareness of your creative Voice helps you determine and know your potential market and engagement strategy with more ease. Learn the many truths about selling art today. You will learn to understand why your audience likes art, buys art and how it looks for, and at, art.  Homework is easy: observing, thinking and feeling. You will graduate with a Certificate.