This Free Online Training Will Teach You the 7 Steps to go from Panic to Profitable So That You Can Spend More Time CREATING ART and Less Time Worrying About your Online Marketing
What You'll Learn On This FREE Webinar!
  • How to Ethically Turn the Spectators On the Fence into REAL Leads
  • How to Turn Those Leads into Buyers, Fans, and Collectors
  • How to Sell More AND Get Your Collectors to Tell Their Friends About You
  • A Very Specific, PROVEN 7-Step Process for Promoting Your Art and Brand Online (even if you're not a techie)
  • How to Create Content for Your Website, Facebook Page and Tweets to Attract New Collectors
  • And So Much More...
~  Dave Rhea ~
 Founder of HarmonicPlanet.Com
I spent 8 years in the music business before "selling out" and getting a day job. I've been a marketer for over a decade, and have clients all over the world. My passion is helping artists succeed.
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